Wednesday, September 2, 2015

As some of you have learned through my instagram or through facebook or through knowing me in the flesh--I have been attending NIMA to get my license in Medical Esthetics. I've learned stuff like Facials, Waxing, well as more advanced treatments like Chemical Peels, laser skin resurfacing for overall skin tone and texture, laser removal of pigment, laser hair removal, fat reduction & skin galore! (I do not do BOTOX or Fillers...only nurses can touch needles here in Utah and most states!) One of my most FAVORITE treatments to perform, however, are Eyelash Extensions.

I was a major believer of the Eyelash Extensions far before I even knew what esthetics were or or how to spell that word or how to pronounce it correctly! (eh-set-ics..for those of you like me;)
I only knew that when I had eyelash extensions I felt like I could conquer the world, I could get ready in like 10 minutes, and look like a million bucks! So I certified in March and have been practicing my tushy off. Since I am now graduated, I'd love to share my work with you!
I'd also like to answer some FAQ's about Eyelash Extensions. I would love to hear some MORE questions if you see I've forgotten anything!

Q: What in the heck ARE Eyelash Extensions?
A:Eyelash Extensions is the procedure in which the esthetician uses medical grade glue to apply one false eyelash (usually made of synthetic mink) to one real eyelash. This type of "set" is called a "Classic Set" (we will cover "Volume Sets" in a bit) They can be any length or thickness, depending on the "look" you desire. (ie: natural to GLAM)

Q: How long do Eyelash Extensions last?
A: They should last anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on how you care for them. You can care for them by avoiding water on your lashes for 24 hours after application, not picking at them with your fingers, or using any make up remover WITH oil in it. (ie coconut oil is a no no) Anything with oil (like your fingers!) will strip the glue quicker and make your lash extension separate from your natural lash. You can also extend your lash extensions by WASHING THEM daily (this is a new trick I learned) with baby shampoo. This will strip your lashes from the natural oils that accumulate from your eyelids. cool huh! Naturally you lose about 2-3 lashes a day. Your extensions will fall out naturally with your extensions. 

Q: Can I wear mascara with my Eyelash Extensions?
A: First, you shouldn't want to, as the extensions make your lashes look full already! I would not recommend mascara as (again) there is oil in mascara and will make your extension separate and fall off your lashes! Sad! Plus, mascara is clumpy and the whole point of this is to make your lashes look full with out the clump! This goes along with the question--can I curl my lash extensions and the answer is NO! You will hurt your natural lash and bend the extension and look like a crazy person. just saying.

Q: Can I wear eyeliner and/or eyeshadow?
A: YES! I do everyday! Depending on your eyeliner, there MIGHT be oil in it? Depends on the brand--I haven't see an issue, plus the lashes + make up make your eyes pop!

A: This question, I get literally every day. The truth is, everyone has a friend or a sister or SOMEONE that had some crazy horror story of their lashes falling out. This baffles me, because I have had Lash Extensions for 2 years and have NEVER had a problem. The reason why someones lashes would fall out would be
1) The Estetician is a moron and glued MULTIPLE natural lashes to ONE extension. This does not happen when you go to someone GOOD with good references, and great pictures.
Not to go TOO far into it--but your hair has 3 growth phases. Not all of your lashes are on the same growth phase. Therefore, one might fall out tomorrow and the other might fall out in 2 weeks. (a hair growth cycle is about 2-3 weeks). SO, if multiple lashes are glued to one extension, now that entire chunk will fall out as soon as one of them is ready to come out. Does that make sense? This causes Alopecia aka balding spots on eyelashes.
2) You yourself are pulling out your extensions because you hate them, you're irritated by them (again, probably due to poor technique of the esthetician) or you're bored and playing with them. This totally happens, some people HATE having things on their face. One thing I tell my girls is if they HATE their extensions, I will remove them immediately at no charge with a removal creme designed for extensions. I WILL HELP YOU!
3) The Estetician again, is a moron, and glued way way WAY too long or too thick of lashes to your thin lashes. This rarely happens, unless the place you're going to is so cheap (there is always a reason why they are giving you a cheap price!) or unless you are having someone stupid do them, I don't know. Again, I've never seen this, except online, but it happens so look into the esthetician and ask clients how their experience was. I was trained on how to match the right thickness and length to the right lash, but not everyone has. Also, listen to your esthetician. If she says: "Sorry, I can't do that length on you, but I can still do my best to give you full beautiful lashes" LISTEN TO HER.

Q: I've seen some REALLY big, full lashes, what are those? Can you do those?
A: Those are called Volume Lashes. This is a procedure in which an esthetician applies MULTIPLE very very thin lashes to ONE natural lash. This way, you get a fuller look, with out weighing down the lash. Now, some people are not candidates for Volume lashes, as their lashes are too thin and can not handle the weight at all. But MOST are. I have not been trained in Volume lashes YET (I will eventually!), so no I can not, but I would recommend shelling out the 250 bucks if you want them. It's an advanced procedure that takes twice as long as a Classic Set, but it's 100% worth the investment so you get a quality job.

here is a full set on Kiana!

Top right eye is before, top left eye is half way through, and bottom is a full set!
This is Amber's full set--she wanted them long, but natural. This is why they aren't as full a Kiana's!

Any other questions I missed?
If you're interested, email me at and I'd love to help you with your lash game:) xoxo

hello? is anyone there?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

oh hey! It's been only....8 months but ayyyooooooooooooooo
I recorded a short (short for me) make up tutorial in my apartment the other night on a Peachy Summer Look! My goal is to make more tutorials, because they are fun and people seem to love them! I also hope through my tutorials we can talk more about the world of Medical Aesthetics (my schooling and in the near future, my career) and we can all learn a little more about how to help out our faces! 
So hey--What OTHER types of Make Up tutorials are ya'll interested in?? I'm open to suggestions!
Meanwhile, here we go!

Color Science Primer in spf 20
Make Up Forever HD Foundation in #120
Aveda Pressed powder in Creme
Aveda bronzer in Peach Lights
Covergirl Black eyeshadow
Wet n Wild bronzer (eyeshadow) in Rose Golden Goddess
Color Science SPF 50 Setting powder 
YSL lipstick in Rouge Volupté #13
Strip lashes from Walgreens

is it helpful to have links below on where to purchase?? let me know!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

I did another make up tutorial finally and it's kind of stupid. I hope you love!


ps. you can click on the products on the sidebar to see more about them:) if you have any questions lemmmmmme know!

my favorite lips

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

my favorite lips

FRIENDS! Let's talk about lips. Probably since 7th grade when I started wearing too much make up, I have worn lipstick. Listen, lipgloss is messy and sticky and it makes my face feel oily and dirty (ew) but Lipstick!?! I can put it on and move ON with my life. Here are the three lipsticks I get the most compliments on as of late. You guys should get on the lipstick train, it's fun in here!

Firstly--Rouge Volupte #13 by YSL.  It tastes like candy and smells like happiness. Big ups to momma Lovin for buying this for me and changing my life. Love you mom! But really, I absolutely endorse this amazing lip color and recommend it to the world. The world I tell you! Plus, people ask me about this every time I wear it!

 Secondly--Tonkin Pure Matte Lipstick by NARS. Look, the 90s are back and this nude matte lipstick color is so good. This is Kylie Jenner's go-to (so the Pinterest tells me so) and I'm kiiiiiiiiiind of wearing this everyday. It's so good for fall and just so good for life.

Thirdly--Mr. Lover #10 by Sephora Collection When you need some sass and excitement in your life, put this on your mouth and you're welcome! Not gonna lie, sometimes I'm a little scared to wear this because it's so darn bright, but again, so many compliments! I think it looks best with a black blazer, some jeans and some nude flats. done&done.

what do you think? will you join the lipstick train??

Nails:Im a mary

Thursday, October 9, 2014

If you follow my instagram -- you've probably seen my absurd nails. Being that Lana Del Rey is my style patronis, I decided long ago to throw caution to the wind and get some pointy-sass nails because YOLO.


 For a good amount of time, I did the light pink game. This says: Yes, while I know my nails could kill a man, they're also a light shade of class & taste. This is what I'm telling myself, anyway.

For fall, I wanted to try the darkest plum you could plum. Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI is the fall ticket. Granted, the name of this nail polish is kind of (really) sad because it is named after probably the worst (sorry) early 2000s band, but this color is glorious. So pretty.

While watching Hocus Pocus & admiring my witch nail game because duh, I came to ask myself: Alex, which Sanderson sister are you? While Winifred is the sassy front lining singer boss and Sarah is the hot sex pot, I've come to realize...I am the Mary. Fun, clueless, faithful & riding a vacuum.

Which Sanderson Sister are you? 




Tuesday, September 30, 2014

you may be wondering why i would post a selfie of myself today, here, on this blog...this is a joke, because literally every post i've ever posted includes a selfie.
the reason why this one is here today, is this was the first picture i took of myself where i felt worthy.
there's an elephant in this internet room, and to put it most respectfully, and honestly...
i found myself in a very dysfunctional, unhappy, unhealthy situation, and i got out. there are novels i could write--my "story" --but the people who know the ins and outs of my life are those closest to me, and that is how i'm choosing to live my life. i'm sure that sharing my "story" might inspire some; might allow them to look at their current situation and inspire a change. to you: i hope you find your inspiration from your higher being, from your family, but ultimately from yourself. and i mean that in the most inspiring and helpful way.
i want this blog to be a place of fun, and silly things and just, me. my make up obsessions, my apartment obsessions, my nail obsession (that's real) and all things entertaining and frivolous. I don't want to pretend to be some beacon of hope because frankly...i'm a stupid person trying to figure out this life just like everyone else! (yes, i just called you all stupid!) *wink face*
i also don't want this blog to be a reflection of my struggles, because guess what--
we are more than our challenges
we are more than our oppressions 
we are not victims
i wanted to come back here when i was ready and doing it for the best reasons.
friends, will you support me? i promise to support you. well, unless you suck. then i'm going to ignore you.


lovin lessons

Monday, February 17, 2014

I really should be doing hawaii part 2 
well, that should have happened a while ago
but this is happening right now...
I have started teaching voice and piano lessons from my living room
we'll just let the video say the rest:)

can we just all agree the freeze frame on my videos are ridiculous and horrifying.
here's my good friendstudent Phaya 
He's from haiti and he made it to the last round of American Idol
but was turned away..
so we're preparing him for the XFactor


--if you're interested in lessons via skype or in person, click the link on the side with my big-A face on it and message me! xoxo--

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